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College of Business Leadership - Master's Program
Master of Arts Degree in Business Leadership

The Master’s Degree in Business Administration exposes qualified and dedicated students to an anthology of knowledge that is essential for the pursuit of highly professional and credible careers in business administration.

Program Objectives
The purpose of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is to provide forward-thinking curriculum that will prepare students to meet the demands of our world's volatile marketplace through a Christian perspective. The market-driven curriculum provides students with an essential understanding of how business works–from administration and operations, to management and marketing. Students will graduate with un-parallel skills that will increase their marketability, as well as their ability to add immediate value to their company's bottom line.

Students must meet the entrance requirements of University of Fort Lauderdale.

Program Completion
Completion of the Master’s Degree in Business Administration requires completion of 46 credits. Student must complete a Capstone to successful complete the program.

Master of Arts Degree in Business Leadership
Course ID Course Title Credits

BUS 505

Leadership, Team Building and Group Dynamics

(3 credits)
LDR 510 Strategic Management (3 credits)
EDU 570 Research I: Foundations of Research (3 credits)

BUS 580

Finance and Investment

(3 credits)

LDR 600

Leadership Principles and Strategies

(3 credits)

THE 510

Doctrine of God

(3 credits)

BUS 650

Outcome Analysis and Evaluation

(3 credits)
Course ID Course Title Credits

BUS 670

Advanced Entrepreneurship

(3 credits)
EDU 670 Research II: Research Statistics (3 credits)
BUS 671 Marketing Research and Strategy (3 credits)

BUS 675

Accounting for Decision Makers

(3 credits)



(3 credits)


Elective Open Elective

(3 credits)

BUS 690

Capstone Project

(4 credits)

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