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Doctor of Ministry

*** Currently, the Doctor of Ministry program at University of Fort Lauderdale has been placed in Abeyance and therefore, we are not enrolling or admitting students into this program at this time.*** 

The doctoral program was established to advance world-changing leaders, scholars and researchers in traditional and innovative areas of the ministry. The purpose is to expose qualified and dedicated students to an anthology of knowledge that is essential for the pursuit of highly professional and credible careers in the ministry. The program intends to develop the student in six areas: Bible education, Christian doctrine, leadership, ministerial practice, communication and research.

Program Objectives
The purpose of the doctoral program is to challenge and innovate for the interpretation, administration and application of biblical truths. The curriculum is grounded in biblical principles and provides the student an opportunity to develop as a visionary and map a learning plan that reflects his or her area of interest. The student is encouraged to build a platform of service, resources and skills in engaging his or her calling in the ministry.

Doctor of Ministry (36 Credits)





Core Courses

(12 Credits)


Elective Courses

(15 Credits)



(9 Credits)

Second Year Core Courses

Course ID

Course Names


LDR 700

Leadership Principles and Strategies


COU 715

Theory and Practice of Pastoral Counseling


MIN 889

Dissertation Project II
Ministry in a Modern Context

(One Week Residential Intensive)

Third Year Core Courses

Course ID

Course Names


MIN 890

Dissertation Project III
Ministry in a Modern Context

(One Week Residential Intensive)


Course ID

Course Names


COU 700

Leadership Principles and Strategies

(3 Credits)

THE 710

Christian Counseling I: Theory & Practices 

(3 Credits)

LDR 858


(3 Credits)
COU 710 Christian Counseling II: Self Confrontation  (3 Credits)
COU 711 Ministering to Troubled Families (3 Credits)
MIN 740 Managing the Local Church (3 Credits)
LDR 831 Developing Lay Leadership (3 Credits)
MIN 730 Biblical Ethics (3 Credits)
MIN 741 21st Century Techniques and Tools for the Revitalization of the Church (3 Credits)
THE 776 Theology and Practice of Prayer (3 Credits)
LDR 859 Theology and Practice of Prayer (3 Credits)
THE 860 Research Theology (3 Credits)

Doctoral Admissions Policies
University of Fort Lauderdale is committed to an admissions process that considers the whole person, to include the student’s former education, community service, leadership experiences, references, personal interests and goals. The University is an equal access and opportunity institution of higher education and adheres to a non-discriminatory policy. Students interested in attending the University should contact the Admissions Department for an application. Students are encouraged to set appointments with the Office of Admissions, where a representative will assist them in completing the necessary paperwork.

Admissions Requirements
Submission of an application to the Office of Admissions. 

Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended. 

Master’s degree from an accredited or qualifying academic institution or seminary. 

Students entering would have earned a 90-unit Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree, (or the equivalent) of full-time graduate study.

Two years of ministry experience and a present ministry involvement that provides the context for advanced preparation and application. 

A GPA of 3.0 or above to be considered in good standing from an appropriate accredited school. 

A qualifying examination taken early to determine the capacity of the student to do doctoral-level work, especially research. 

Passing scores from UFTL’s Doctorate Entrance Examination or passing scores from a graduate level examination such as the GRE, GMAT, LSAT, etc. All students who begin their coursework prior to taking the qualifying examination or submitting their graduate examination test scores will be considered as conditionally admitted until the qualifying examination has been completed or test scores submitted. 

Three letters of recommendation referencing moral, spiritual, and professional qualifications in the ministry.

The submission of a personal mission and leadership plan. 

Personal interview either onsite or via teleconference. 

Non-refundable $50 application fee.

Doctoral Entrance Examination
The doctoral program places great emphasis on programs tailored to the individual interests and career goals. Qualifying examinations are requested at the beginning of the student’s doctoral studies in order to assess the student’s level of preparation. The examinations are used primarily to select a realistic study plan for the doctoral student.

International Students
International students are considered for admission as first year and transfer students. Applicants with a native language other than English are required to take an English as a second language course. The University of Fort Lauderdale received approval by the Department of Homeland Security to admit International students.

Transfer Students
The doctoral program will accept up to 12 credits from an accredited university or doctoral program.

Official transcripts from all institutions attended must be sent to the Office of Admissions. Courses in which the student ends with a grade less than a “B” are not transferable. 

Documentation such as catalogs, course descriptions, course syllabi and faculty letters of support may be required to evaluate courses taken at other colleges or universities. 

Upon admission to the University, course credits may be evaluated for transfer. Courses accepted for transfer must be equivalent to those required in the degree plan. The Admissions Committee will evaluate transfer credits. 

The GPA earned from another institution will not be transferred into the University.