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From the Desk of the President
On behalf of the Administration and Faculty, it is my sincere pleasure to greet you on behalf of the Faculty Senate for the University of Fort Lauderdale. I am honored to serve as the President of this Senate and I am honored to have such a distinguished group of colleagues that serve with me. I am humbled to be the voice of the esteemed faculty of this University. As collegiate educators we are dedicated to higher learning. We pride ourselves in providing a motivating climate in which the students who enter our classroom can learn, explore, and develop themselves in a collegiate manner.

We believe that your classroom experience at the University of Fort Lauderdale, is an equally beneficial relationship for both students and faculty. I believe that our faculty is a dedicated, close-knit, and supportive family comprised of remarkably caring people from around the world, each eager to share his or her own unique talents, interests, perspectives, and backgrounds. It is my sincere hope that ultimately we will instill in each of you the unshakable conviction that there is no greater achievement than earning a collegiate degree.

Finally, to my fellow faculty, I look forward to serving as your president. I anticipate the days ahead when we will sit together around the table of conversation and make decisions that will further the University of Fort Lauderdale on this academic journey.

Sincerely, Dr. Veronica Carter, Faculty Senate President

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