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Campus Safety
Here you will find information on our crime prevention, crime reporting, crime awareness, and general campus safety, including our policy on alcohol and drug use at University of Fort Lauderdale.

Crime Prevention

The university utilizes several ways to inform the campus community about safety and security including:
Office of Admissions
Student Government

This information is disseminated through:
Student Orientation
General Assembly
Printed Media
World-Wide Web

Crime Reporting
Important telephone numbers for the police departments and various hotlines.

bullet Campus Safety Report
bullet Telephone Safety Directory
bullet University of Fort Lauderdale Crime Statistics
bullet Campus Maps

Alcohol & Drug Use Policy
University of Fort Lauderdale has a clear policy on the use of drugs and alcohol on school property. These policies are enforced by the university and are in line with the Federal, State, and local laws. The unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession or use of drugs in or on university owned or controlled property is prohibited. No member of the university community is permitted to report to work or class while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The university is committed to the enforcement of Federal, State and local alcohol laws. University of Fort Lauderdale has adopted a drug free workplace policy and a standard of conduct policy for students.

Crime Awareness & Campus Safety
In accordance with Title II of the Student Right
To Know and Campus Security Act of 1990, University of Fort Lauderdale holds that students, staff and visitors have a right to be aware of the amount of criminal activity that occurs on campus.

University of Fort Lauderdale encourages all persons to report criminal activity that occurs on campus to the Administrative Office and/or the appropriate law enforcement agency.


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