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UFTL Refund Policy

Students who wish to voluntarily withdraw from classes must officially notify the University in writing. The official withdrawal date will be set as the last day the student attended class. Refunds and final grades are determined based on the last date the student attended class.

The University’s refund policy is as follows:

1. All tuition and fees will be fully refunded if a student's application is not accepted or if the
student cancels within three business days of signing the enrollment agreement and making an initial payment.

2. After classes begin each semester, the refund schedule will be as follows:


1st week of classes


2nd week of classes


3rd week of classes


4th week of classes


5th week of classes


6th week of classes 50%
7th week of classes 40%

After the 7th week of classes


3. This refund schedule is applicable for any student who registers as a full-time student and is later permitted to drop courses to place him or her in the classification of a part-time student.

4. Refunds of tuition and fees will be made by check payable to the student (except when payment was made by credit card; the refund will be a credit to the credit card) within 30 days of the date the University determines the student has withdrawn.

5. Refunds of tuition and fees from financial aid will be returned to the appropriate financial aid account in accordance with the guidelines or regulations.

Circumstances Under Which Full Refunds Are Given

Tuition and fees will be refunded in full for the current enrollment period under the following circumstances:

• Courses cancelled by the University
• Involuntary call to active military duty
• Documented death of the student
• Exceptional circumstances, with the approval of the President or designee of the University




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