Undergraduate Studies

College of Business Leadership

Bachelor of Arts Degrees 

Bachelor’s Degree: Accounting

The Major in Accounting provides instruction in business administration skills as well as accounting. Students will be introduced to the various technologies and philosophies in accounting. 

Bachelor’s Degree: Business Administration

The Major in Business Administration provides instruction in business administration skills.

Bachelor’s Degree: Construction Management

The Major in Construction Management provides instruction in construction management skills.

Bachelor’s Degree: Criminal Justice

The Major in Criminal Justice provides instruction in criminal justice skills.

Bachelor’s Degree: Healthcare Administration

The Major in Healthcare Administration provides instruction in healthcare administration skills.

Bachelor’s Degree: Human Resource Management

The Major in Human Resource Management provides instruction in human resource management skills. 

Bachelor’s Degree: Management

The Major in Management provides instruction in management skills. 

Bachelor’s Degree: Marketing

The Major in Marketing provides instruction in marketing skills.