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Academic and Degree Programs

19 Bachelors Degrees

4 Masters Degrees

1 Doctorate Degree



College of Business Leadership

The College of Business Leadership offers the following degrees:


1 Associate’s Degree
8 Bachelor’s Degrees
2 Graduate Programs

Excellence in leadership cannot be genetically inherited. It must be nurtured through study, preparation, practice and participation. The College of Business Leadership exists to do just that: advance the education and building of leaders in the national and international marketplace. The University’s business professors bring the combination of education, real-life experience, and application of best business practices into the classroom. Students learn and apply real-world market concepts to help ensure their success in the 21st century marketplace.

College of Religious Studies

The College of Religious Studies also offers the following degrees:


1 Associate’s Degree
4 Bachelor’s Degrees
2 Graduate Degrees
1 Doctoral Degree

The College of Religious Studies exists to educate men and women to be ministers and pastors and to equip them for excellence in service to Christ in the strategic fields of Christian ministry. This is accomplished through an educational program and an environment of spiritual fellowship and relationship that emphasize unreserved commitment to the worship of God; submission to the authority of the Scriptures; a life of personal holiness; the mission of the local church; and the mission of penetrating the world with truth.

College of Liberal Studies

The College of Liberal Studies offers the following degree:


7 Bachelor’s Degrees

Informed by the Christian tradition, the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies at the University of Fort Lauderdale is the framework for our undergraduate education. It provides for the development of broad knowledge and abilities to prepare students to recognize and appreciate the wholeness of life. Students will develop skills important to the responsibilities of a well-educated person. The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies provides students a foundation for life-long learning, responsible leadership in their communities, and meaningful service in the world.