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Graduation Requirements

Students who have officially matriculated into a College within the University may graduate and qualify to receive a degree upon meeting the listed requirements:

• Meet with an advisor to plan a course of study.
• Pass the qualifying and comprehensive examinations.
• Complete all course requirements relevant to Track
• Successfully complete the qualifying and oral comprehensive examination.
• Complete and defend a dissertation that demonstrates scholarly research in an area of interest.
• Maintain a GPA of 3.0 or better.
• File an application for graduation by the published deadline. 
• Maintain a good standing with the University.
• Achieve the recommendation of the Doctoral Committee.


Academic Policies

Full-term Status
Students may apply for full-time, part-time or per diem study. The maximum academic load for a full-time student is nine semester credit hours. Additional courses beyond this require the approval of the Dean. The approval shall be dependent upon the superior academic achievement of the student.

The course load for a student on academic probation is six credit hours. Part time study allows a student to take up to 6 credits in a semester. Per Diem study is available for students who are auditing classes, non-degree seeking and/or taking less than six credits within an academic year.

Paper Submission
As part of the coursework initiative, a research paper requirement will be established for every course. Papers must be submitted using the APA writing format.

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