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*** Currently, the Doctor of Ministry program at the University of Fort Lauderdale has been placed in Abeyance, and therefore, we are not enrolling or admitting students into this program at this time. *** 



The doctoral program was established to advance world-changing leaders, scholars, and researchers in traditional and innovative areas of the ministry. The purpose is to expose qualified and dedicated students to an anthology of knowledge that is essential for the pursuit of highly professional and credible careers in the ministry. The program intends to develop the student in six areas: Bible education, Christian doctrine, leadership, ministerial practice, communication, and research.

Program Objectives

The purpose of the doctoral program is to challenge and innovate for the interpretation, administration, and application of biblical truths. The curriculum is grounded in biblical principles and provides the student an opportunity to develop as a visionary and map a learning plan that reflects his or her area of interest. The student is encouraged to build a platform of service, resources, and skills in engaging his or her calling in the ministry.

Doctoral Program: (36 credits)

Core Courses:           12 Credits

Elective Courses:     15 Credits

Dissertation:               9 Credits


First Year Core Courses

Course ID Course Title Credit
MIN 700 Leadership Principles and Strategies  
THE 771 Theory and Practice of Pastoral Counseling  
MIN 888 Dissertation Project I
Ministry in a Modern Context
(One Week Residential Intensive)

Second Year Core Courses

Course ID Course Title  
LDR 700 Leadership Principles and Strategies  
COU 715 Theory and Practice of Pastoral Counseling  
MIN 889 Dissertation Project II
Ministry in a Modern Context
(One Week Residential Intensive)

Third Year Core Course

Course ID Course Title  
MIN 890 Dissertation Project III – Dissertation Writing Final Paper


Course ID Course Title Credits
COU 700 Christian Counseling, I: Theory & Practices (3 credits)
THE 710 Pneumatology (3 credits)
LDR 858 Pastoral Leadership (3 credits)
COU 710 Christian Counseling II: Self Confrontation (3 credits)
COU 711 Ministering to Troubled Families (3 credits)
MIN 740 Managing the Local Church (3 credits)
LDR 831 Developing Lay Leadership (3 credits)
MIN 730 Biblical Ethics (3 credits)
MIN 741 21st Century Techniques and Tools for the Revitalization of the Church (3 credits)
THE 776 Theology and Practice of Prayer (3 credits)
LDR 859 Growth and Development of the Contemporary Minister (3 credits)
THE 860 Research Theology (3 credits)

Paper Submission

As part of the coursework initiative, a research paper requirement will be established