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University of Fort Lauderdale

Excellence Through Partnership


Thank you for considering making a donation to the advancement of our vision here at University of Fort Lauderdale. There are several ways in which you can give.

About our University

Your Support Makes a Difference!

When you make a financial contribution to the University of Fort Lauderdale (UFTL), you partner with us in our endeavor to empower future leaders.  They are empowered with educational degrees rooted in biblical principles and academic excellence to influence the world intellectually, technologically, and through research.  Individuals, who partner with UFTL, like corporations, organizations, churches, and alumni, make it possible for UFTL to grow, expand, and enhance its level of excellence.  The aspects of the organization that are affected are our faculty, student services, facilities, equipment, library resources, and other services provided for the benefit of our students, community, and the world.

Contributions designated as Scholarships are used to assist qualified students requesting aid with tuition.  Scholarships make it possible for many students to attend UFTL and pursue a degree. Without these scholarships, many students are not able to pursue these goals.

Donations earmarked as Sponsorship are utilized for the upkeep and advancement of the University of Fort Lauderdale.  These funds facilitate the maintenance and expansion of the University in various areas, including faculty, administration, equipment, facilities, technology, library resources, academic research, and other special projects.  Sponsorships may be renewed on an annual basis.

Endowments are permanent funds that provide long-term support for programs, faculty, and students at UFTL. Endowments generate, in perpetuity, predictable and growing income that provides for the creation and sustenance of University teaching, scholarships, and research.  Gifts of $5000 or more may be designated as an endowment, with the donor having the option to name the endowment and designate it for a specific use if desired.


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  • Online Giving
  • Text to Give – Text keyword uftlgive to 1-888-364-GIVE (4483)
  • Cash App
  • Zelle – Use email