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Spring 2021 Kickoff




How You Can Join The Movement

Join us for our University of Fort Lauderdale Spring 2021 Kickoff!  Here are the details.

This Spring Kickoff event is being held to raise money for the Department of Athletics.  Presenters at this live and virtual event will be Chancellor Henry Fernandez, and Vice President of Athletics and Student Services, Ernest T. Jones.

The Title Sponsor for this event is Elite Prep University.

Join in and lend your support by donating $20.21 or more, using one of the following methods. 

You can donate by Text-to-Donate by texting the keyword UFTLGIVE to 243725.  You can set up to give using your credit/debit card. Recurring giving is also an option. Thank you for your donation.

Thank you for making a donation today. If you are a Cash App User, please consider making a donation of any amount to our Athletics Department. There is no limit to the amount you can donate.  Please retain your receipt for your records. 

You can be assured that all your giving is secure. Our Athletic Department is grateful for every donation, regardless of the amount. With our online giving option, making your donation is easy. Thank you for donating.